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Ishan barely manages “The Boyagane Title”

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Taking 54 champion points by winning the MX 125cc 2 stroke event, Ishan could win the top title of Vijayabahu Motocross 2018 at Boyagane tracks despite Tomoyo Suzuki winning both Moto 01 and Moto 02 in MX 250cc event. The Japanese veteran rider Suzuki made the race pacey by giving a stiff challenge to Ishan. There were few incidents where both riders lost the control in the muddy track, Ishan had to go through the last 04 laps with a punctured back tire which helped Tomoyo win Moto 01. In the second moto, Ishan took an early lead with Tomoyo at his tail, But the Japanese managed to take the lead at a corner by blocking Ishan’s line and won. The Longest Jump challenge was won by Buddhika Kasun Silva recording a distance of 120m and the young Dilitha Kalhara was adjudged as the Upcoming Young Rider of the Year.



Date Name Location
2022-02-06 Gajaba Super Cross 2022 Gajaba Super Cross Track At Saliyapura Army Camp
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